Barber's Pole Worm vaccine

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How well does Barbervax work?

Performance in lambs during the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons

Some 200,000 lambs on approximately 50 different New England properties between Walcha and Tenterfield NSW received a course of Barbervax during this time. Two worm egg count kits were supplied to each customer to monitor the vaccine performance during the high risk period of each season and 39 farmers used this service.

Blue broken line - When Barbers Pole egg counts reach 1,000 eggs per gram a drench is recommended to prevent build up of paddock infection

Red broken line - When Barbers Pole egg counts reach 6,000 eggs per gram disease and deaths are likely

On 34 of the 39 properties an additional drench during the high risk period was not required because Barbers Pole eggs had been supressed by Barbervax.

Unsolicited testimonials

"We were very pleased with the action of Barbervax on our young sheep in this year. We have got through the spring, summer, and at least mid-autumn without the need to drench for nematode worms."

“We are delighted with the first year results and will most certainly be using it again in Spring 2015. I have been spreading the Barbervax good news to any sheep producers I have caught up with in the last six months.”

“We have been using it in ewes and rams as you know to great results. Tell the scientists if they could just come up with a once year booster for all worms and fly strike....and make it rain.”

“Just awesome results. We are very happy with your vaccine and have been telling anyone who will listen to us about it.”
“Barber's pole is our single biggest challenge and we have resistance to a lot of drenches. The first vaccination was given at lamb marking the first week of November, the second three weeks later and third three weeks after that and then two more six weeks apart.
Costs were on par with our normal program but we expect longer-term savings and will definitely be using it again next season.
It's a terrific breakthrough for our industry.”

“We used Barbervax across all sheep classes, priming the ewes prior to lambing. We have stuck pretty close to the recommended program for all sheep classes (6 weeks apart once they are primed up) and I think it has worked pretty well. The young sheep we started off last year recommenced the program in September and have simply been on 6 week intervals since then. December/January was wet and we had a bit of worm problem (1000epg average or more in most mobs). We did larval diffs on all mobs and half to two thirds were scour worms. On that, we drenched everything after weaning in January (mainly to address the scour worms), and things are tracking along well again. It maybe hasn’t worked quite as well in the adult sheep as in the young sheep last year, but for us with the drench resistance situation as it is, it is still very worthwhile.”